Buddy World is the brainchild of a single person; Paul Woodward, who has worked for many years as an artist, designer and teacher. Buddy World is the result of over a decade of work dating back to when Paul used to read stories to his children at bedtime. He was often disappointed with the books available for his young children at the time and felt that they rarely captivated the reader and, in turn, failed to captivate the listener. Of course there are some magical and timeless titles and these were the books Paul revisited time and time again. In these books were colourful characters, rich locations and a wonderful sense of humour running through the stories. Paul realised that he was enjoying the books just as much as his children and this simply added to the enjoyment for both of them.

With this in mind he set out to write and illustrate a book for his children, one that would be colourful, humorous and fun to share with them. Buddy World was born with just one story about pepe pig; a wannabe movie star and a loveable dreamer.

Over the following years Paul wrote many more books, creating numerous colourful characters to join in his stories and Buddy World just grew into an imaginary world populated by all his creations. For many years he showed his books to publishers but they found it difficult to find a market for them due to the nature of the computer generated illustrations, which were very new for the time. Frustrated by the difficulties involved in trying to break into the traditional publishing market, Paul decided to bring his world of characters and stories to an interactive CD which enjoyed popularity amongst children in schools.

As technology advanced and the internet became ever faster, Paul decided to develop Buddy World into an interactive web experience that could be enjoyed by anyone with access to the internet, be it through a PC or games console such as the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii. More recently, he has seen the potential for converting digital books into the ebook format which is becoming increasingly popular with apps like ibooks on the Apple range of devices; particularly the iPad.

The Buddy World content has grown with Paul's children which is why it appeals to different age ranges, although the chart here should give you some guidance as to what book is suitable for your own children when you first visit Buddy World. Of course, the real fun is in exploring so feel free to dive straight in and have a look around.

A great deal of time and care has gone into making this site which Paul wanted to share with all the children who love to read, explore and have fun. The site is guaranteed free from violence, profanity, viruses, adverts or pop ups and you can be assured that this is a safe place for your children to visit alone or with supervision. We really hope you will join us in Buddy World and that you enjoy the experience.