Buddy World offers innocent and harmless games and activities often related to the stories you can read, usually with a subtle moral or ethical message. Furthermore, all the characters in the stories can be visited in their homes on the site and most characters have their own activities.  Children can explore their favourite stories and locations but in order to find new experiences they will need to venture out to new places and meet new characters; much like in real life.

We appreciate that nothing beats reading a real book, but Buddy World offers a different way to access stories to read and uses modern technology to enhance the reading experience through exploration and activities. For all those situations where a book is just not practical, such as group reading or where there are no book resources, Buddy World can meet your needs. We hope that you and your children enjoy this experience and visit the site for many years to come.

In order to find out more about the different book ranges and activities in Buddy World, choose a range from below to open a printable fact sheet in a new window. The numbers across the image give a rough idea of the age range the books are aimed at so Jungle Woods and Iceworld are meant for very young children and are likely to be read to them while Deep Space Doris and Chonkyponk for the older reader.

Once you have the information you need, simply click on the button below to return to Buddy World.