Please read the following details carefully and agree to the terms before proceeding with your subscription.

1. The Buddy World product is a non-tangible irrevocable product so the refund policy is conditional, and refunds are allowed only if the product is not correctly described, namely:

If the features purchased are not accessible or as described.

(What this basically means is Buddy World is an experience and as such cannot be refunded if you are not entirely happy with the content. Please be sure to check out the sample section of the site before subscribing as refunds are not available if you decide membership is not right for you).

2. Buddy World is constantly in development so there will be future content but there is no guarantee of timescale nor how much content will be added to the site. You may see content change regularly but book titles and games can take time to develop. As a subscriber you are only 'guaranteed' the content available at the time of purchase. This will be full unlimited content much greater than that which is viewable in the sample section so you should never feel that, as a member, you have received little more than you have experienced in the sample section.

3. The customer's inability to use the purchased product due to lack of required technical skills does not require us to provide a refund. The full Buddy World experience requires the Flash plug in to be installed. This means many games and the flipbooks will not be accessible on an iPad, iPod or iPhone due to the fact Apple no longer support Flash in their mobile operating systems. You can still explore the site on these devices and read the books without the 'page flip' effect. Tablets that support Flash, as well as Macbooks and iMacs, should access Buddy World with no problems.

4.  The product is not deemed to be at fault if your computer is unable to run the content due to slow connection speeds or any other PC related issue. Buddy World does not need a powerful PC to run but if you have any issues such as hardware or software faults, a virus or any other problem stopping your PC from running normally then you might encounter issues viewing Buddy World content. Pages and images should load much quicker with each visit as the files are cached on your computer.

5. All of the content of Buddy World is copyright the creator, Paul Woodward. Subscription access entitles viewing of the content but does not allow for any downloading and distribution of material other than the content clearly marked as downloadable, such as colouring sheets etc. In layman's terms, this means you are not allowed to use the graphics, stories or other content for your own personal gain nor can it be distributed.

6. Annual membership is for individuals only and is licensed to the individual named in the membership. Viewing with the members immediate family is perfectly acceptable but viewing with extended family and friends or publicly would be in violation of the membership conditions. If a public viewing in an institution is to be arranged then a corporate membership would be required.

7. Your enjoyment of Buddy World is our main priority but, while we will endeavour to assist you in running Buddy World on your PC, we cannot get involved in individual computer issues and you should seek advice from a qualified PC repair specialist. No element of Buddy World can harm your computer and, if you can view other web sites without issue, you should have no problems viewing Buddy World. Please refer to the FAQ page or the Parent's Room for details of how to ensure an enjoyable experience in Buddy World.

8. By subscribing to Buddy World you take responsibility for your account and, should you no longer wish to be a member, will need to cancel your subscription before your annual renewal date. Instructions on how to do this are sent to you when you become a member and no refunds can be given for renewal charges as a result of failure to cancel before the annual subscription period has expired. Please note that a one week pass is a one-off payment and, as such, does not need to be cancelled.


By clicking on the link below you are agreeing to these terms and failure to comply could result in suspension or removal of membership and, depending on the nature of the non-compliance, possible legal action. For everyone who simply views the site as intended and enjoys it's content responsibly, there should be no problems whatsoever.


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